Consultative IT & Project Management

ADSB possesses extensive experience in Designing & Building Advanced ICT Systems and Infrastructure in Malaysia. The high-level knowledge of our Professional Consultants and Highskilled Engineers has enabled us to deliver Total ICT Solutions from Design & Planning to the actual Implementation of a project.

Our Project Management Consulting Services encompass the below-listed scopes:

No Scopes Processes
1 Planning & Design Architecture a. Conceptual Proposal

b. Detailed Design

c. Budgeting

d. Design Schematics
2 Tender Preparation a. Functional Specifications

b. Technical Specifications
3 Tender Evaluation a. Bid Assessment & Recommendations

b. Bidder Interviews
4 Project Management a. Progress Monitoring & Reporting

b. Resource Management & Supervision
5 Testing & Commissioning a. System Tests

b. User Acceptance Tests

c. System Commissioning

d. Documentations
6 Maintenance & Training a. Scopes & Maintenance Programs

b. Maintenance Contracts

c. User Training