Creative IT

Web-Based Systems & Solutions

Before the Incorporation of ADSB as a company, the team has started to build web applications since the year 1996, back when the Internet was very new to Malaysia. With such experience and exposure to Internet technologies, our solutions have progressively evolved resulting shorter development period, improved in features and reliability, and of course, lower in development cost.

Our scope of services in Web-based Systems & Solutions starts from the Design & Development, down to the actual implementation of the systems.

No Solutions Systems / Services
1 Information & Services Portal a. Content Management System

b. Membership Management System

c. Traffic Management System

d. Interactive Response System
2 Electronic Government Applications a. Electronic Procurement System

b. Electronic Billing System

c. Knowledge Management System
3 Electronic Commerce Applications a. Product Cataloging & Purchasing System

b. Electronic Billing System

c. On-line Payment System
4 Electronic Business Applications a. Product Management System

b. Electronic Procurement System

c. Customer Relationship Management System

d. Customer Support Management System

e. Resource Management System

f. Interactive Research & Development
5 E-Learning Solutions a. Courseware Management

b. Resource Centre & Knowledge Library System

c. Online Tests & Assessments

d. Distant Learning Solutions